Assault statutes range from misdemeanor assault to felonious assault. You need an attorney who can navigate the complexities of the Michigan Compiled Laws in order to ensure that you are not over-charged and that legal technicalities are tackled straight-on.




Michigan drug laws contain unique and specific language used to define each offense. Every case is unique – hire a lawyer who will pay close attention to the facts of your case so that all of your rights are protected.




If you are charged with carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), possession without a permit, unlawful discharge, felony firearm, felon in possession, or any other weapons offense, the Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer is prepared to fight for your rights in the courtroom.




The Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer seeks to fight every drunk driving charge from every possible angle. From over-zealous police officers to faulty breathalyzer equipment, it is crucial that every aspect of your arrest and blood alcohol measurement is scrutinized for human and legal error. Your lawyer must possess a full understanding of the technology and legal standards necessary in order to combat a drunk driving arrest. The Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight any drunk driving charge.




If you are charged with a crime of theft, you need a lawyer who can protect you from jail time and fines. The Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer is equipped to defend you from allegations of larceny, armed/unarmed robbery, auto theft, carjacking, embezzlement, forgery, identity theft, retail fraud, and home invasion.




White collar crime accusations can destroy your reputation and career. The Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer works to safeguard your reputation and your freedom. If you are facing allegations of mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, forgery, bribery, blackmail, conspiracy, extortion, embezzlement, or racketeering, you need a law firm that cares about your reputation, your livelihood, and your freedom.




TICKETS! Speeding, accidents, red lights, we will take care of it!




In many instances, misdemeanor convictions can be deleted from your criminal record. If you’re concerned about employers discovering your criminal record, hire a firm that can ensure that your misdemeanor conviction is sealed from the public record.




If you were written a ticket for being a minor in possession, you may be tempted to simply pay the fine, hoping your parents never find out. Don’t do it! An MIP is a misdemeanor and will go on your criminal record forever, viewable to employers and the public at large. Don’t let a stupid mistake ruin your future. Tell your parents, and tell them to call The Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer.

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